Last update: 2 September 2015

Jumper Buggy

Jumper Buggy is a 3D action and car simulation game for IOS. It introduces a unique gameplay and realistic car simulation, it is different from  classic simulation games ,  it is one of the most spectacular and orignal simulation game!

Jumper Buggy comes with a completely new game concept. It introduces a unique gameplay different from classic games. The key feature of Jumper Buggy comes from its originality. Drive a buggy that can jump over obstacles in an infinite and beautiful world, perform acrobatic jumps, automatically fires missiles against enemies, collect items to increase your score and get super power. Another key feature of the game is the advanced realistic physics simulation of the car, it gives the player the real sensation of driving a real car with realistic suspensions, damping and drifting with complete destruction model of the car. Destroy mines and cannons, run distance, and collect items to accomplish the different achievements levels. Jumper Buggy fully supports RETINA display, and deliver a high graphics experience for the player.

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Jumper Buggy - Abdallah DIB


★ Completely new game concept.
★ addictive gameplay.
★ Acrobatic jumping over obstacles, shooting and destroying cannons and mines.
★ Game center Enabled.
★ Facebook integration to share score with friends.
★ Various achievement levels.
★ Full RETINA display.
★ Universal, Get Jumper buggy for your iPod, iPhone and iPad with a single payment!
★ Realistic car physics with suspension, damping, drifting.
★ Realistic damage and destruction model for the car.
★ Extreme graphics with full retina support.

Camera RT Effects

Camera Art Effects is an iphone application that lets you apply filters and effects directly to your camera.

The application uses the low level AVFoundation framework to access the  image data pointer, the image is processed in real time on GPU using openglES 2.0 pixel shader stage.
User can manually adjust  focus and exposure...

Available effects/filters: cartoon, old movie, pencil, colored pencil, emboss, night vision, sepia, heat, glass, rain, posterization, tiling, blur, sharpen, x-ray, squeeze, twirl, fish eye, light tunel, bulge, dent, stretch...

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Camera RT Effects - Abdallah DIB

Mosaic Puzzle

Mosaic Puzzle is a free ipad application designed for children aged 3+ years old. The game helps children develop visual perception skills, hand/eye coordination and accuracy.

The aim of the game is to reproduce the image for each board located on the left by dragging the color circles from the palette on the right to the gray circles located in the center.

The game also features a custom drawing board where you can create your own boards and play them. 

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Mosaic Puzzle - Abdallah DIB